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Louise M Thompson is an academic, cultural activist, DJ, blogger, and accomplished music producer residing in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. She has been producing and releasing music as Orthentix since completing a Bachelor in Audio Production and a Diploma in Electronic Music Production at SAE Byron Bay in 2015 and is currently studying a Masters in Creative Industries also at the SAE Institute. Her practical expertise and scholarship interests include; audio production, music production, sound and live sound engineering, stage production, stage management, events management, electronic music production, sound design, music composition and arranging, 360 immersive audio production for VR, DJ Performance, multimedia production including web design, social media marketing, content development, marketing and promotions, office administration,  slideshow presentations, workshop and lecture facilitation, musicology, academic writing, blogging and DIY modalities of cultural production. As well as research including; theoretic analysis, critical inquiry, auto-ethnography, ethnographic interviewing techniques, and art as research. My academic interests focus on topics of; gender and music production, intersectional feminism, electronic music aesthetics, musicology, and media ecology. Her current multiplatform project is titled Divine Affliction: The Intersection of Gender and Music Production, art activism as critical pedagogy project. Peering through a feminine lens to expose and analyze the divine and afflicting intersections experienced when gender and music production collide. Her intention is to create social and political change through her creative and academic practice. 


The motivation for the project is to bring awareness to the divinity and pleasure of feminine aesthetics and affect in music production, along with the afflictions that some women have within the culture of music production. Composition, production, and technology have all been considered male domains for too long. This work challenges and deconstructs the boundaries of media representations and access by re-writing the discourse in music production with a feminine vernacular and creating a source​ education for women to access the realm of music production…bring on the rise of the feminine.













Art activism as critical pedagogy

Divine Affliction: The Intersection of Gender and Music Production is a research project exploring the relationship and intersectionality of the creative practice of music production and gender, exposing and analyzing the divine and afflicting intersections experienced. A journey in art activism as critical pedagogy, critiquing the theories, ontologies, and epistemologies that reside when gender and music production intersect and defining the process and practice of a female producer. A statement of the female approach and process to the realm of music production, deconstructing the boundaries of access to discourse for females and providing a positive media representation of a female producer in her habitat. It embraces the DIY ethos, calling out for a social and political change to the culture of music production. This upcoming practice-led research project focuses on the intersection of gender and music production. With an exploration of the divinity of the feminine aesthetics and affect, and DIY cultures in music production. It exposes the afflictions of the barriers to access music production for women and the lack of media representations of female producers for women to identify with. Divine Affliction provides a source of access to discourse for women on music production and provides a positive media representation of a female producer. Along with implementing further knowledge into the female producer and her practice. The project encompasses; the Divine Affliction Album; the Divine Affliction Poetic Documentary; the Divine Affliction Perception Through a Feminine Lens Blog and Video Tutorial Series; along with with an exegetical document containing scholarly and theoretic research, autoethnographic and art as research reflections, ethnographic interview analysis, and the conclusions produced from the study.

Divine Affliction: The Intersection of Gender and Music Production Review is a milestone presentation of the final stage of the Graduate Project for a Masters in Creative Industries. It serves the purpose of providing peer-review and industry feedback on the work to date. This presentation addresses both the creative and scholarly aspects of the Graduate Project and presents a macro overview of the final work, along with the works that the project encompasses. The presentation discusses preliminary insights into professional practice which have emerged as a direct result of work and research undertaken. Keep in mind this review was created halfway through the production of the album. The Divine Affliction album is now finished and was released on the 25th of December 2019.

The Divine Affliction album presents an aural representation of the female processes and application to music production. An expression of the feminine aesthetics in music. A journey through the female experience. A musical expression of the divine feminine and the afflictions she faces. She finds strength in her vulnerability and turns her affliction into a virtue. Describing her many facets, motherhood, diversity, empathy, and divine sexuality. The Divine Affliction album would be explained as experimental electronica with raw, introspective, brooding, emotive music.

The following button leads to the Divine Affliction music page where you can listen or purchase Divine Affliction, Volume 1 and 2.

Divine Affliction Poetic Documentary is a short film accompaniment to Orthentix's album release, Divine Affliction. The documentary is a female lens to music production. It is the story of Orthentix, a female music producer, and her music. With intimate footage of Orthentix at home with her daughter, performing live, and expressing in her realm of creativity. Hosting musical snippets from the Divine Affliction album. The narrations are a perspective into the intersectionality of gender and music production, describing her many facets, motherhood, diversity, empathy, music production, and divine sexuality.

The Divine Affliction: Perception Through a Feminine Lens Blog Series presents an expansive view behind the music production of the album Divine Affliction as a source of education. The first four blogs to the series consist of scholarly and theoretical research. The following blogs dissect the creative process, narrating her music-making processes, highlighting how she implements the song concepts into the musical composition, audio processing, and lyrics. The series continues with blogs discussing; the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethos used for the production of the album and project; demystifying the mastering process and polishing the final product ready for release; and how to independently releasing your music to the industry, with great resources and information to aid in understanding this process. Observe the creative experience through the lens of a female producer.

The upcoming video tutorial series Divine Affliction: Perception Through a Feminine Lens is set for release in 2020. The video tutorials will cover practical accounts of the technical processes covered in the music production of album Divine Affliction. With an observation of the creative experience through the lens of a female producer, deconstructing elements of the title track 'Divine Affliction'. Experience HerStory of music production through a female lens, with education for females on how to produce music and embrace the realm of music production. The tutorials include; How to Start an Audio Project Using the Logic Pro X Digital Audio Workstation; Drum Production and Composition; Bassline Production and Composition; Melody and Harmony Production and Composition; Lyrics Composition and Recording and Processing the Vocals; and The Mixdown. The tutorials will be released weekly so please subscribe to the Orthentix YouTube or Vimeo channels.

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